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Organic Soil Condition

Organic soil condition product attained in the procedure of glacial essential of neem tree kernels and fruits, It has a prospective origin of organics manures below the Bureau of Indian standard, specification No. 8558. Neem cake has indicated significant possible as a nourishment. Only for, neem cake and leaves have mainly auspicious.

Organic Soil Condition

Organic soil condition protects plants and roots for possibly required to its residual limuloid satisfied. It has proceed a natural manure with pesticide personality. Neem cake and gas used in Mumbai India to all over the world.

Neem seed cake decrease alkalinity in earth, as produces biological acid arranged disintegration. Being completely accepted, it is consonant with soil bacteria, improvement and rhizospheremicroflora and therefore ensure fertility soil. Neem Cake refined the organic substance satisfied of the earth, serving improves soil surface for superior root origination.

Pest Control

Neem cake has successfully for controlling of insect and pest.The better principle of the organic soil condition has been detailed to have many types of actions ( a ) Antifeedant ( b ) Attractant ( c ) Repugnant ( d ) Insect repellent ( e ) Nematicides ( f ) Growing Disruptor ( g ) Antimicrobial.

Maha Magic is a organic soil conditioner manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in Mumbai India to all over the world from botanical extracts and microoganism. It is an excellent soil conditioner has been developed to feed soil with organic matter, enrich sol fertility, improves soil quality and productivity, also control soil borne diseases

Benefits of Organic Soil Condition:

  • Increase soil fertility, stimulates rootings, reduce soil campaction and remove soil hardness.
  • Drive root stronger, regulate balance of soil factor: moisture, nutrition, heat.Increase soil fertlizer retention,moisture retention, fertilizer uptake by 25-30% .
  • Reduce salinity of soil, stimulate the chelation of excess salt.Promote the absorption of NPK in soil by root, increase white root zone of the plant
  • Contain 10 types of micro organism. Anti drought anti cold dormancy, reduces stress of the plants.
  • Gives more yield,keep plants healthy and strong throughout the season.