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Acetobacter Diazotrpophicus Sugancane

Acetobacter Diazotrpophicus Sugancane

  • CFU – 1 x 108 per ml
  • HS Code – 31010099
  • Documents – MSDS / LABEL / FCO / COA / Trial report

Biological Soil Acetobacter

Acetobacter has essential aerobic fixed microorganisms which is talented for nitrogenous fix in root, stanches and greeneries of sugarcane’s plant. Our products growth that encourage roots creation and intensification the numbers of rootlet, resultant in approval of organic, phosphate solubilisations and water plants promoting growths and sugars regaining in the wicker. Patron organics are manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of acetobacter diazotrpophicus sugancane in Mumbai India to worldwide. While all nitrogenous bacteria’s containing nitrogen in demand to consume nitrogen gases as a foundation of metabolic bio synthesise, poles apart nitrogen fixed and care for the oxygen’s – delicate bacteria oxygen’s in changed conducts. Acetobacter have cooperative association with several not the same plants liked sugarcanes and coffee by take possession of their internals materials to encourage the plants growths. Acetobacter actually answerable for this complex related with the planting, have inimitable biological assets for a diazotroph, such as acceptance to small ph, and in elevation sugars and salts meditations, lacks of nitrates educates and nitrogenize movement which accepts squat terms experience to ammonium.

Target Crops:

Coffees, Beetroots, Sugarcanes, Wheats, Paddy, Juars etc.

Methods of Acetobacter Diazotrpophicus Sugancane

  • Sugarcane for treatments :– Acetobacter Diazotrpophicus Sugancane 1.0 litter in 100 litters of waters for sugarcane arrangements dip approximately 15 to 20 minutes earlier establishing in the ground.
  • Soil application :– Acetobacter Diazotrpophicus Sugancane one acre in 60 kilogram ground soil. Spread on this blend at a time of establishing and also wait for two months for old sugarcane crops in grooves all through earthly being up procedure.
  • Foliar spray :– Acetobacter Diazotrpophicus Sugancane 4 – 8 ml in a litter of water for foliar posy in upright crops at morning/evening time for gets improved effects.


  • Friendly with bio-fertilizers and bio-pesticides
  • Don't mix with chemicals bactericide (antibiotic)