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Biological vesicular

Biological vesicular

  • CFU – 100 propagules per gm
  • HS Code – 3101 00 99
  • Documents – MSDS / LABEL / FCO / COA / Trial report

Biological vesicular

Mycorrhizae are committing and saprophytic in wildlife involves a corporeal congregation on behalf of subsistence. Regularly isolated into three noteworthy gatherings are vital in agribusiness, organisms infiltrate in the plants cell, delivering inflatable like vesicles. Our professional teams are manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of biological vesicular in Mumbai India to entire world. The structures of the a bascule increment the commerce exterior amongst the hyphae and the cells cytoplasm’s to encourage the exchange of supplements amongst then VAM organisms deliver the glycoprotein gloaming might be unique of the real equipment of carbons in dirt, administration of VAM parasites upgrades phosphate take-up and assemble stationary. Other than these to give protection from plant against dry season, soil borne contagious pathogen and nematode.

Application Biological vesicular

  • Soil Application :– Take 500 ml –1.0 litr/acre Premium Potash Activa mix in 50 kg well decomposed Fym / compost. Blend the mixture and broadcast it over 1 acre land in the standing crop and irrigate the field. In case of Horticulture crops it should be applied in the effective root zone.
  • Drip Irrigation :–Mix 500ml –1.0 litr/acre of Premium Potash Activa in 100 lit. of water and apply in the field through drip irrigation.

Method of Biological vesicular

  • Soil Action :– Mixed Finest VAM for 3 kg per section in 48 Kg to well putrefied manure/ground soils and integrate in the dirt previously scattering/displace.
  • Transmission the overhead combination in upended crops 20-25 days later seeding.


  • To show signs of improvement result don't blend with synthetic fungicides and agrochemicals for capacity and field application.
  • Well-matched through bio nourishments.