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Contract Farming


We are worldwide company exporter of gherkins transporting nearly 2 lakhs tons in Mumbai India to all over the world with assured safety. For the most part developed in the 3 southern conditions of India – Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, the climatic and soil conditions are good for two collecting seasons, taking into account the unmistakable favourable position of preparing the deliver for 10 months every year.

Worldwide Green Company forms in excess of 35 thousand tons of gherkins from its two offices in India. With multi-item pressing activities at the two offices and with the ability for both new and prepared packs and we deliver entire world.

In Europe gherkin developing regions extend from Southern Germany through Hungary to Poland and Romania. Hungary creates around 35 thousands metric huge amounts of gherkins yearly, which has amongst the most astounding in this locale. Our multi item pressing forms in excess of 7 thousands metric tons in retail and food service (tins) packs.


Initially a Mexican pepper, jalapenos flourish in various territory writes and temperatures, however they favour hotter atmospheres, and satisfactory water supplier. A favoured for developing jalapenos and observance the dirt very much depleted is fundamental for keeping jalapeno plants solid.

Contract farming cultivating with ideal climatic and soil environments in the south of India, an assortment of jalapenos are developed in sound amounts. With one essential reap season falling between the long stretches of April and May India forms in excess of huge amounts of jalapenos every years.

Worldwide Green Company, with its inflexible superiority standards and according to International gauges, develops and forms in excess of jalapenos. Contract farming with multiple item pressing tasks at the two offices, we pack jalapenos (cut and entire) in retail foodservice packs pockets and mechanical packs (drums and buckets).