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Effective Control Of Biopesticides Metarhizium

Biopesticides Metarhizium

It infects all the stages of insects including eggs, larvae, pupal, nymphal and adult’s. The spores attach to insect cuticle / integuments, germinate and penetrate the insect body, and cause mortality through a combination of chemical, mechanical, water loss and nutrient loss effect. Our teams are manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of biopesticides metarhizium in Mumbai India. The insect body ultimately gets covered with green mycelium and spores, which may get dispersed and cause subsequent infections. Certain toxins called destruxin produced by this fungus also cause the mortality of insects.

Method of application and dosage

  • Soil Application : For soil insect pest like White Grubs, Termite, Agrotis species etc… Mix 2.0 kg to 4.0 kg Kalichaka with 50 kg of well decomposed fym/compost/field soil and broadcast in the field of 1 acre at the time of field preparation or in standing crop biopesticides metarhizium.
  • Foliar Spray : Mix 2.0 kg Kalichakara, in 150 – 200 litr. of water for spray on insect pest in the standing crop of 1 acre.


  • Compatible with well rotten FYM/compost/vermi compost.
  • Don’t mix with any chemical fungicide.
  • Alternate spray with chemical insecticides, botanical insecticides may be applied.
  • Avoid usage during high temperature.
  • Biopesticides metarhizium always use in evening time.
  • Safe to Human, mammals, natural parasites and predaters.
  • Exempted from residue tolerance limit.