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Pseudomonas Fluorescens Uses In Agriculture

Pseudomonas Fluorescens Fungicide

Pseudomonas Bacteria Treatment

Pseudomonas Fluorescens uses in agriculture is founds to destroy the soils abided maladies instigated by pathogens they have fined assumed in soils and foliar buttonhole, bacteria treatment for plants development and harvest. Pseudomonas have the superior capacity to pass in the plants vascular arrangement, stretch the different quantities of the plants structure and act as a disorganized bio mechanism manager compared to many fungal and bacterial sicknesses. Pseudomonas fluorescens fungicide manufacturers, suppliers and exporters with uses in agriculture in Mumbai India to worldwide for bacteria treatment for plant. They service in acceptance of nutrient likewise foodstuffs plants growing helping elements. Determined chelating siderophore antibiotic, hydrogen cyanide and lytic enzymes created by Pseudomonas have in a straight line convoluted in the bargain of herbal pathogen and convince plants confrontation.

Pseudomonas Fluorescens Fungicide

Bacillus subtilis products grow stimulating constituents in that way raise emergent speed of growing of seeds and plants for pseudomonas fluorescens fungicide.

Method of Pseudomonas Fluorescens Fungicide

  • Seed Treatment :- Mixer 5 – 10 ml Bactvipe in 50 ml of water and realistic on 1 kg of seeds individually tuber crops regularly. Shadow dry the seeds for half an hour in advance seeding.
  • Seedlings treatment :- Melt 250 ml Bactvipe in 50 litters of water dip seedling roots for in the postponement and plant directly.
  • Nursery seed bed preparation :- Mixture 250ml Bactvipe in 10 kg of glowing in 400 extents combine in soil up to 15 – 20 cm distance.
  • Pseudomonas Bacteria In Plants :- Mixers 230 ml Bactvipe in 90 litters of water and soak the soils proximate the roots sector up to 15 to 20 cm complexity meant for ribbon nonsense regulator through from top to bottom dimensions sprinkler devoid of nozzle or nozzle.

Synthesis 10 to 25 ml Bactvipe per plants in necessary extent of ground and announcement in the dynamic source sector of the fruits crops.

  • Seed Treatment :- Mixers 20 – 25 gm. in one litter of water and everyday specifically rhizome crop like Potato etc. Dark glasses dry the seeding for half an hours earlier strewing.
  • Seedlings treatment :- Disband 500 gm. Phasal Rakshak in 20 litters of water dip seed roots on behalf of near an hour in the holdup and planting straightway.
  • Nursery seed bed preparation :-Mix 400 gm. Phasal Rakshak in 8 kg of well disintegrated FYM/manure/Vermicomposting and transmission in 300 ranges, include in soils 15 to 20 cm penetration.
  • Drip Irrigation :- Mix 1 – 2 kg W.P Phasal Rakshak in 100 litters of water and drench the soils in one acre.
  • Horticulture/Vegetable crops :- Blend 400 gm. Phasal Rakshak in 80 litters of water and floods the soil nearby the roots areas up to 15 to 20 cm profundity on behalf of catch nonsense governor through in height work hose.

Combination 20 – 40 gm Phasal Rakshak per plants in appropriate capacity soil of the ground and show in the energetic roots sector of the fruits crops.


  • Well-matched with plant dung besides bio manures.
  • Don’t mixture through chemicals Antibiotics
  • It could be recycled otherwise through insect repellent and fungicides.
  • Sidestep socialising with bordeaux assortment, antibiotics and streptocycline.