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Bio Fungicide Of Ampelomyces Quisqualis

Bio Fungicide

  • CFU – 2 X 108 per ml
  • HS Code – 31010099
  • Documents – LABEL / Data Sheet/COA

Bio Fungicide

Bio fungicide has a logically happening overexcited bloodsucker of fine mildews. This parasitism decreases growths and could execute the mildew association, the microorganism as the crow flies enters the barriers of hyphae, conidiophores and undeveloped cleastothesia, then might be not capable to poison advanced cleastothesia. Around in 8 – 12 days, micro parasite spreads surrounded by the hyphae the mould collection short of assassination him. Subsequently, the development of creation activates and thorough in 3 – 5 days, sick booths normally pass away before long later development activates. Constant requests of the microorganism have usually needed too tall stickiness besides flood drop support in blowout to evolving decays gatherings. Manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of bio fungicide in Mumbai India to entire world with client's suggestions. In opposing climatic complaint little moisture & stumpy infection /pycnidial than will be formed since the healthy rust have additional hardy and continue in the situation meant for quite extensive historical at slightest addicted to resulting period. Bio fungicide in chance might provide increase to practical bacterium after complaint converts positive another time.

Bio Fungicide

Wide range of powdery mildew affected crops like Cucurbits, Grapes, Apple, Peas, Beans, Tomato, Pulses, Cumin, Chilies, Coriander, Mango, Ber, Peas, Strawberry, Medicinal and Aromatic crops and Roses.

Bio Fungicide

Generally powdered growth however similarly dependent continuously Botrytis Cinerama, Alter aria, Colletotrichum, Coccids and Cladosporium cucumerinum.

Methods of Bio Fungicide

  • Foliar Application :- Period of development of infection, liquefied 5 – 10 ml per litter of water and given 3 to 5 sprigs on the vertical crops at 11 to 14 days intermission.


  • Does not mixture using chemicals biofungicide.
  • It’s could be recycled otherwise using pesticides.