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Microbial Consortium

Biological Soil Microbial Consortium

  • CFU – 1 x 10 8per ml
  • HS Code – 3101 00 99
  • Documents – MSDS / LABEL / FCO / COA / Trial report


Finest Emc is a arrangement of valuable microbe, which quash the sicknesses and form development of detrimental germ. Biological soil microbial consortium advances growing of the plants, figures up the residents of valuable micro-organism in the soils. We are manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of biological soil microbial consortium in Mumbai India. It also produced bio active materials such as vitamins, hormones, enzymes, antioxidants and antibiotics that can straight or ultimately improve plants growing and safety.

Method of Biological Soil Microbial Consortium

PREMIUM BIO NPK has composed flawless combination that construct a stability in the custom of chemicals stimulants
  • Foliar Spray :–Take 300 – 500 ml in 150 litters of water.
  • Drip irrigation :– Take 1 litter per acre for drip irrigation.
  • Soil application :– Income 1 litters and mix in 80 – 100 kg of Fym and broadcast at the time of soil planning or up to 45 days after planting in upright reap and water the ground.

Biological Soil Microbial Consortium

It could be used beside with irrigation water in item of plant produce.

Method of Biological Soil Microbial Consortium

  • Seed Treatment :– Gross Top Azotic plus 8 – 10Gm per kg of seeds.
  • Seedlings Treatment :–We provide azotic plus 8 – 10Gm per litter of a resolution of azotic plus arranged, saplings have plunged in this clarification for 30 minutes earlier displacing.
  • Soil Application :–Our teams advice 2 – 4 kg Azotic plus per acre diverse with 40-50 kg of fine decayed F.Y.M/stimulant or vermi fertilizer or ground soil and announcement formerly spreading up to 45 days after planting in the permanent produce and irrigate the ground.


  • Do not mix with antibiotic.
  • Friendly through bio fertilizer and bio pesticides while functional in the soil.