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Effective Control Of Mites

Hirsutella Thompsonii

  • CFU – 2 X 108 per ml
  • HS Code – 30029030
  • Documents – MSDS / LABEL / FCO / COA / Trial report

Mode of action

The procedures of infiltration of the parasites principally from side to side, which advanced on shapes forms in restraints. Our teams are delivered rise through the mouth and in addition genital and openings leading and after that from everywhere throughout the shape. We are manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of bio pesticides Thompson, hirsutella thompsonii and chemicals seeds in Mumbai India to worldwide. There is very much shown if there should be an occurrence of carmine arachnid vermin and the oriental bug parasite. Patron organics has been observed to be sheltered to well evolve creatures.

Target crops

Coconuts, Citrus, Apples, Litchi, Chilli, Brinjal, Tomato’s, Cucurbits, Tea, Rose and many more.

Target Insects

Amide Controls, Reds, Pinks, Yellow bugs in tea, roses, fruits, vegetable and agricultural estate crop.

Method of application and dosage

Blend 1 litter Amide in 140 to 180 litters of water used for foliar shower beside parasite in stand-up yield at the season of bugs presence in one section of land. Take after 3-4 foliar showers early in the day time by utilizing great work splash to cover every sides of leave at 14 days interim to regulator the parasites.


  • A chemical fungicide has not mixed in organic plant
  • Replacement shower with chemical insecticides, vegetal insect repellent theoretical
  • Security for humans body, creatures, raiders and bloodsuckers
  • Released starting remains forbearance frontier