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Bacillus Pumilus Bio Fungicide

Bacillus Pumilus Bio Fungicide

  • CFU – 2 X 108 per ml
  • HS Code – 30029030

Bacillus Pumilus Bio Fungicide

Bacillus pumilus bio fungicide products are confirmed infective and fungous provoke that protects plant life since infections. We are capable to controls many soils, seeds allowed and air accepted crops syndromes initiated by fungus have its place for infective plant pathogens. We are manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of pumilus bio fungicide bacillus and subtilis products in Mumbai India to all over the world. For Bacillus subtilis procedures bacteria. Thus, straight if smoked seed have warehoused on behalf of constant historical, the microbe stopover active also before produce and enlarge later the germs have fixed.

Bacillus pumilus fungicide products resentment has owing to nutrients arrangement on the sites of rejection, immigration of germs to relief of cells satisfied all through grow thing to reject the fungoid pathogen direct in situation. It’s similarly convinces plants normal efficient confrontation in contradiction of microbial and fungiform pathogen identified.

Bacillus Pumilus Biofungicide Activity

Bacillus pumilus biofungicide products progress helping materials thus growth developing amount of seeds and growing of seed and plants.

Bacillus Subtilis Fungicide Products

Meltdown gear sticks Feathery moulds in diverse gathers

Methods of Bacillus Pumilus Biofungicide

  • Foliar Application :- At the time of appearance of syndrome melted 7 – 12 ml mild own per litter of water and giving spray on the stands crops at 8 – 12 days break.


  • Companionable through inorganic fertilizers and manures.
  • Don’t mixture by chemicals Purifier to bacillus pumilus biofungicide.
  • Bacillus pumilus biofungicide could be charity instead with pesticides.