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Plant Growth Regulators

Bhu - Shakti

Bhu - Shakti contains complex source of botanical extracts, has been developed to feed soil with matter, enrich soil fertility, improve soil quality productivity, also control soli borne diseases.

Organic Plant Growth Regulators Benefits :

  • Promotes root busting fast, increase white root zone of the plant
  • No need to use humic acid as it is rich with humus and fulvic acids.
  • Drive root stronger, regulate balance of soil factor.
  • Reduce salinity of the soil, stimulate the chelation of excess salt.
  • Plant grows very fast, increase fertilizer uptake by 20 to 30%.
  • MOre Branching, disease resistance and improve greenery of the plant.
  • Helps in photosynthesis process of the plant.

Plant Growth Regulators:Dosage For drip irrigation 1.5 to 2 litre per acre.For drenching 2 to 3 ml per liter of water.


Amrut is a unique product and plant growth regulator specially designed botanic extract, multi proteins, multivitamins, fulvic acid, complex of amini acid, branch enhancer,sea weed extracts and other botanical complexes to increase the yield by 30 to 35%.

Benefits Of Plant Growth Regulators:

  • Promotes growth, increase crop yeild more 30 to 35%.
  • Improve branching structure of the plant, more branching will be on the plants.
  • Reduces distance between the branches and buds, More branches and more buds will form on the plant.
  • Stimulates roots of the plant,increase uptake of the fertilizer by 20 to 25% .
  • Increase photosynthesis, leaf size will be bigger and excellent greenery will be there.
  • Excellent works as a antistress element, reduces stress of the plant, drought resistance and excessive cold resistance properties.
  • Multivitamins and multi protein is available for the plant.
  • Steady growth and diseases resistance property will help plant to keep diseasee away.
  • Fruit size will be bigger and increase the yield of crop.
  • 100% Organic Plant Growth Regulator product will give natural aroma and taste to the fruits.

Crop: All crops including horticulture and floriculture.

Dosage: For drip irrigation 1.5 to 2 litre per acre.For drenching 2 to 3 ml per liter of water.

Maha Urja

Maha Urja is a unique product designed with the help of botanical extracts, and special plant growth regulator. Its is highly concentrate plant growth regulators for vegetable, fruits, floriculture and all other crops.

Benefits Of Plant Growth Regulators:

  • Accelerates growth of the plant.
  • Help to uptake fertlizer from the soil, excellent vegetable growth at initial stage.
  • Acceletrate enzyme activity in the plant, reduces stress on the plant.
  • Resistance to diseases, healthy and diseases free growth of the plant.
  • Total tonicof the plant, will grow healthy plant, help in reproductive growth, gives higher yield.

Dosage: 5 ml in 50 liter of water for foliar spray.
5 ml in 25 liter of water for Dripping.
5 ml in 250 ML of water for Seed Treatment.
5 ml in 100 liter of water for weedicide.

Eco Spring

Eco Spring is a new generation unique organic product developed for versatile growth and stimulation of the plant. We are manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of plant growth regulators and organic in Mumbai India to entire world. It is developed from totally botanical extract and work ecelently on the crop. It has been observed that with the help of spring the yield of the crop has shown extremely higher production than any other existing products . 100% oraganic.

Benefits of Organic Plant Growth Regulators:

  • Excellent growth of the plant at initial stage of the crop, total enzymatic accelration of the plant.
  • More branches, fast vegetable growth, excellent uptake of plant nutrition and superior photosynthesisin plant.
  • At the time of flowering it boost the buds explosion and includes flowering all over crop.
  • Stops flower shading, stop water shoot in all plants and help in early setting .
  • It also hepls to increase the size, natural quality and colour of the fruit.
  • At the time of flowering no need to spray any other flowering booster, it give excellent stable flowering, it prevent flower dropping .
  • In grapes it will stop flower dropping within 10 hours of the spray .
  • 100% Organic Plant Growth Regulators, available in nano technology .

Dosage: 5 ml in 75 liter of water for plant stimulation or plant tonic all crop.
5 ml in 75 liter of water at the stage of flowering.
5 ml in 50 ML of water for fruit setting.
5 ml in 100 liter of water foer dipping.


Citrocid is a totally organic product which is useful to balance the pH of the soil. It reduces the hardness of the soil and controls the pH of the soil.

Dosage: 1 liter per acre for drip irrigation ; 2 ml. per liter for drenching.


Ocimum is a research product formulated from Basil extract. Mithyl Chavicol presence in the product gives the quality to the product.

Benefits Of Organic Plant Growth Regulators:

  • Enhance stimulate fruit setting, improve size, shape and colour in fruit.
  • Stimulate growth of the plant.
  • Its natural basil smell acts as a repellent for thrips, mite and bore .
  • Improve fruit quality, better and bigger,shape of fruit, good taste i.e natural aroma, more sweetness, intoxite chemical residue.
  • Fruits, vegetable looks so beautiful like a plastic quotated products. More attractive and colourfull product give more refund to the farmer.
  • Usefull on all fruit, vegetable, and floriculture.

Dosage For Organic Plant Growth Regulators: 1 to 2 ml per liter of water for spray. 3 to 4 ml per liter of water for dipping.


Mahasil is a silicone based product which is in a pure form and effectively prevents the plant from excessive heat from sunlight. It also prevent the plant from fungal, bacteria diseases heat as well as from sucking pest as it form a thin layer on the plant.

Dosage: 1 to 2 ml per liter of water for foiler spray. 1 liter per acre for drip irrigation.


Powerwet is a sticker cum spreader cum activator.It is a good surfactant with excellent wettability, adhesion and spreadability. It promote the agrochemical enter into epidemis by stomata so that plant can absorb the agrochemical easily.

Benefits Of Organic Plant Growth Regulators:

  • Promotes agrochemical spread out on the leaf.
  • Promote the fast absorption of agrochemical by crop.
  • Promotes the absorption rate of agrochemical about 20 - 30% .

Dosage:Directly mix with plant growth regulator, foliar fertilizer, insecticide, fungicide, and herbicide in a tank and spray.

  • 50 to 100ml wit 100 liter of water.


Orgasulf is a organic sulfur extracted from onion.It is 100% organic and can be used in foliar spray as well as by drip irrigation.

Benefits Of Organic Plant Growth Regulators:

  • Plant will absorb total sulfur from the orgasulf.
  • It will not form any complex, will no fix in a soil, will be available in a 100% basis.
  • Can be used in a foliar spray as a fungicide as well as mite killer.

Dosage:1 to 2 liter per acre through drip. 2 to 3 ml per liter of water for foliar spray.