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Seaweed Extract Powder

Seaweed Extract Powder

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Biological Soil Seaweed

  • Grow plus is an high-class preparation founded on seaweed seed abstracts. Informal concentration by plants and origins. Biological soil seaweed procedures in the plants. Our professional teams are manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of seaweed extract powder in Mumbai India to entire world. Growth the somatic portions, advances feature and sophisticated crop outstanding to a improved growth of plants and fruits.

Typical Analysis : Seaweed Extract Powder

Percentage composition(%w/w)
Seaweed extracts

Biological Soil Seaweed

  • Improve opposition to eco-friendly pressures.
  • Advance nutrients immersion and supply productivities inside flower arrangement to right slight nutrients insufficiencies.
  • Boost earlier source development for liquid and nutrient acceptance.
  • Expand pattern, presence and ridge being of fresh flower & plant

Method of Biological Soil Seaweed

  • Foliar spray : Seaweed Seed- Mix 150-200 cc Grow plus per 100 lit, of liquid for foliar spray in permanent produce at sundown or primary sunrise period to become superior effects of biological soil seaweed.
  • Drip Irrigation :- Everywhere drip irrigation is presence recycled mix 2–3 L Grow plus in 200 lit, Of liquid and smear done trickle in 1 acre.


Seaweed products are miscible with all foremost agrochemicals and nourishments excepting with copper and Sulphur- based and basic crops, but we praise continuously manufacturers minor experiments.