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Azotobacter Soil Bacteria Seed

Azotobacter Soil Bacteria

CFU – 1 x 10 8 per ml, 5 x 10 7per gm

HS Code – 3101 00 99

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Azotobacter Soil Bacteria

Azotobacter has able existing nitrogen deception aerobic bacterium. Azotobacter on the loose ammonia interested in the soil and developed soil abundance, Construction of hormones such as IAA, Gibberellins and Cytokines. Manufacturers of several antifungal elements that obstructs the growing of earth unsafe moulds such as curvularia and Helminthosporium to stemmed in depressing the syndrome commonness. We are manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of azotobacter biofertilizer including soil bacteria seed and isolation in Mumbai India to all over the world. Antipathy beside phytopathogens by invention of siderophore, antifungal combinations with generation of not the same enzymes.

Azotobacter Soil Bacteria

  • Seed Action :– Take Premium Azoto 4 – 5 ml for per kg of seeds
  • Seedlings Action :– Takings Quality Azoto 4 – 5 ml per litter of water. A way out of Finest Azoto organised, slips are immersed in this resolution for 30 minutes before resettling.
  • Azotobacter Soil Bacteria :–Take 500ml – 0 litters Finest Azoto for 1 acre and diverse to 40-50 kg of well spoiled F.Y.M/manure or vermi fertilizer or ground soil already planting up to 45 days before flinging in the standing crops and moisten the ground
  • Drip irrigation :–Mix First class Azoto 500ml 1.0 litter per acre in 100 litters of water and dry out the ground complete dribble irrigation.

Method of Azotobacter Soil Bacteria

  • Seed Action :–Takings Exceptional Azoto plus 8 – 10 gm/kg of seeds.
  • Seedlings Action :– Revenue Superior Azoto plus 8 – 10 gm / litter of a clarification of top azoto plus equipped, seedling is dip in this way out for 30 minutes formerly moving.
  • Azotobacter Soil Bacteria Presentation :–Take 2 – 4 kg Azoto plus each acre mixed to 40 to 50 kilogram of well spoiled F.Y.M/compost or vermin nourishment soil and announcement before seeding up to 45 days later sowing in the standing crops the field.

Azotobacter Soil Bacteria Compatibility

  • Unable to get along to the chemicals antibiotics Streptomycin and Validamycin with coated on the azotobacter seeds. Become a well effect of bio product, does not mix chemicals insecticides.