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Phosphate Biological Soil Seed

Phosphate Biofertilizer

  • CFU – 1 x 10 8per gm, 5 x 10 7per ml
  • HS Code – 3101 00 99
  • Documents – MSDS / LABEL / FCO / COA / Trial report

Phosphate Biological Soil

Due to control of phosphate solubilizer seeds by organics ions like Fe, Al and Ca and inorganic acids, the proportion of offered phosphate solubilizer in soil is glowing plants requirements. Chemicals fertilizers have moreover restrained in the soil, instantly thus that solitary 20% of auxiliary stimulant has immersed by plants. PSB renovating insoluble phosphate composites such as shake phosphate solubilizing bacteria seed, fillet repast and plain slag principally the chemicals secure soil phosphorus into offered method. Our professionals are manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of biological soil phosphate in Mumbai India to entire world. Such as plant not simply adjusts phosphorus then similarly basis a bulky extent of biological soil phosphate to be unrestricted in extra of their individual wants and protects P2O5 up to 30 – 50 Kg. Phosphate solubilizing bacteria action is resolute by the capability of bacteria to publication metabolites such as organic acid (lactic acid, malic acid, gluconic acid, fumaric acid, succinic and acetic acid). Organic phosphorus is solubilized by action of organic (gluconic, ketogluconic) and organic acids (HCL) unknown by PSB and retain the soil pH. Biological soil phosphate seeds capacity of PSB takes straight relationship through pH of the average.

Target crops

Mueslis (Wheat, Paddy, Maize, Barley), Pulsates (Soybean, Olive gram, Chickpea, Gloomy gram, Sucker pea), Oil seeds (Sunflower, Ground Nut, Mustard, Coconut, Safflower), Stringy (Fibre, Jute), Vegetable, Fruit and Farm crops.

Benefits of Biological Soil Phosphate

  • Growth micronutrients accessibility to plants since the soil such as Mn, Mg, Fe, Mo, B, Zn and Cu in adding to P2O5.
  • Embolden wilder origin advance for water and nutrient agreement.
  • Biological soil phosphate create inorganic acids like malic, succinic, fumaric, citric, tartaric acid and acetic caustic which secure the P2O5 up gross, development and growth produce.
  • Growth struggle to ailments and famine patience outstanding to speedy cubicle expansion in the plant.
  • Well-matched to further valuable germs using the plants similar development helping material.
  • Condense 25 – 30% biological soil phosphate condition.

Method of Phosphate Bacteria Fertilizer

  • Phosphate Solubilizer Seed Treatment :– Relate 10 ml Quality Phosphate fix in 1.0 kg of seed and improve appropriate amount of water. Blend the whole seeds per arranged assortment for layer the seed, waterless below gloom and spread the seeds sun raise or sunset.
  • Seedlings Treatment :–Blend 100 ml Premium Phosphate fix in 10 litter of water and dip the saplings essence for 20 – 30 minutes already transfer the plantlet.
  • Soil Treatment :–Apply 500ml – 1 lit. /acre Premium Phosphate in 50kg well spoiled Fym/compost/vermi fertilizer/ground soil carefully and transmission in the ground earlier spreading/fixing or in the stand-up plant.

Method of Biological Soil Phosphate

  • Phosphate Solubilizer Soil Treatment :–Apply 4 kg/acre Premium seeds in 50kg well fetid Fym/manure/ field soil carefully and program in the field ingraining or in the permanent produce.


  • Avoid treating the seed with Antibiotics.