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Biological Nitrogen

Biological Nitrogen

CFU – 5 x 10 7 per gm, 1 x 10 8per ml

HS Code – 3101 00 99

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Biological Nitrogen

Biological Nitrogen Phosphorous liquescent invention upturns nitrogen application, crops plants progression, protein improvement in approval.

Azosprillum has an associative micro nitrogen fixer. Bacterium brings the plants nutrients to conceal which ventilate squat oxygen situation and benefits to fix impressive nitrogen fixation.

PSB hold the movement for stashing inorganic, glutamic acid, lactic acid, citrate, malic acid) inferior chances engaged systems offering method. Biological nitrogen fixation soil seed manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in Mumbai India to worldwide. Particular ensuing in operative accessibility of soils and condensed phosphate doses by 55%. Potash accessible plants initiates the various enzymes structure complicated in development of inorganic constituents and protein mixtures.

Benefit of Biological Nitrogen

  • Solubilising of inaccessible procedure of biological nitrogen
  • Organize the solution and missing biological nitrogen fixation
  • Biological soil for plants lack acceptance below scarcity ailment
  • Expand corporeal and chemicals assets in ventilation and water preservation
  • Concentrated syndrome invasion for scope
  • Increase shade, presence and sill existence of consumable flowers and plants

Method of Biological Nitrogen

PREMIUM BIO NPK has together flawless assortment that produce a stability in the usage of chemicals seeds
  • Foliar spray :–Take 500 ml – 750 ml of water and sprig at 1 month old crops to abolish the insufficiency of nutrients, 2 – 3 nosegay in a one month pause provides improved effect.
  • Soil Application :–– Mix 500 ml – 1.0 lit. Premium Bio Npk per acre in 50 Kg of well putrefied FYM / manure / Vermi compost or soil of the ground. Transmission at the time of ground planning in the permanent crops double in the garnering period. In Agricultural crop it must be spread in the origin energetic sector.
  • Drip irrigation :– Mix 500 ml – 1.0 lit. Premium Bio Npk per acre in 100 litters of water and relate in the ground complete drops irrigation.

Biological Nitrogen fixation

It can be uses beside with irrigation water in situation of plants seeds.

Method of application and dosage for Granule formulation

  • Seed Treatment :– Take Premium Azotoplus 8 – 10 gm per kg of seed.
  • Seedlings Treatment :– Take Premium Azotoplus 8 – 10 gm per lit.of A solution of Premium Azotoplus prepared, seedlings are dipped in this solution for 30 minutes before transplanting.
  • Soil Application :–Mix 4.0 kg Granulated Bio Npk per acre in 50 Kg of well spoiled Fym/ compost / Vermi compost or soil of the ground. Announcement at the time of ground planning and in the stands crops double in the gathering spell. In agricultural crops it must be announced in the essence dynamic sectors.


  • Do not mix with antibiotic.
  • Compatible with bio-fertilizers and bio-pesticides when applied in the soil.