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Verticillium Lecanii Biopesticide

Verticillium Lecanii Biopesticide

  • CFU – 2 X 108 per ml, CFU – 1 X 108 per gm
  • HS Code – 30029030
  • Documents – MSDS / LABEL / FCO / COA / Trial report

Mode of action

It contaminates every one of the phases of creatures. The bacteria acquire joined to the fingernail skin of creepy crawlies on communication. The organism picks up passage complete the fingernail skin by compounds. It contaminates creepy crawly by creating hyphae to growing microorganisms that enter the bug fingernail skin. The parasite than pulverize the inside body satisfied bringing about the humanity of creepy crawlies by mix of compound, motorised, water misfortune and supplement misfortune impact. The growth develops on fingernail skin deliver positive poison dipicloinics corrosive and bassianolides which cause death.

Target Insects

Powerful compared to all delicate form extracting creepy crawly like Aphids, Thrips, Mealy bugs, White flies, Jassids, Hoppers, Scales and a wide range of verticillium lecanii biopesticide.

Method of application and dosage

  • Foliar spray :- Blend 4 – 8 ml Varunastra in one litter of water mix well to shape identical check and shower instantly on the objective irritation amid quick sunrise or night hour by utilizing in height size splash shield the two sides of the leaves with shower arrangement of verticillium lecanii biopesticide manufacturers and suppliers in Mumbai India.
  • Foliar spray :- Mix 500 gm Sanjeevni in 10 kg of well decomposed Fym/Compost/Vermi compost and broadcast in 400 area and incorporate in soil up to 15 – 20 cm depth.


  • Any chemical fungicide have not mix in organic plant.
  • Alternative stem through verticillium lecanii biopesticide might be there functional.
  • Escape procedure all through in elevation temperatures.
  • Permanently used at sunset period.
  • Harmless mortal, beings, creatures, slayers and organisms. Released after excess acceptance perimeter.