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Organic Fungicide

KP - 90

KP - 90 is a specially designed organic fungicide as a complex botanic source from plant contains.HIgh efficacy for controlling downy mildew diseased, phytothora, pythium, powdery mildew,. It works on contact and systemic and includes high resistance against the diseases.Totally based of antisporulant German Technology. Our professionals teams are manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of organic fungicide in Mumbai India to worldwide with assured safety.

  • Highly effective organic fungicide on downry mildew diseased, powdery mildew, bacterial blights on all types of crops
  • 100% Organic, zero residue ,safe for human and environment.

Doses: 2 to 2.5 ml.per liter of water.

X- Quema

X - Quema is a very high molecular weight organic fungicides developed from crap proteins and is highly effective on all types of fungal, viral as well as bacterial diseases.It form thin layer on the plant and very effective controls the bacterial as well as fungal diseases.

  • Controlls all type of fungal, viral as well as bacterial diseases, highly effective on bacterial blight, telya, phytopthora,pythium,root rot.
  • Very efective on telya
  • If applied through soil is very effective on root rot, nematode and other soil borne diseases
  • It is very effective on fruits to controls the bacterial diseases.

Doses: 2.00ml per liter of water for foliar spray through drip 1 liter per acre.


Mahavarika is a low molecular weight polysachrides derived from sea animals. It is very effective on bacterial and fungal diseases.

  • Organic fungicide is highly effective on viral diseases of fruits, vegetable, like chilies, bitter gourd and all types of vegetable.
  • It is effectively prevent downy mildew, powdery, and all bacterial as well as fungal diseases.
  • It is one of the best product ever known for viral, bacterial and fungal diseases.
  • Very effective on telya, bacterial blight, black arm, leaf blight, anthracnose, fruit spot, anterneria.
  • It also helps to recover the soil born bacterial or fungal diseases.
  • 100% organic and zero residue.

Doses: 2.00ml per liter of water for foliar spray through drip 1 liter per acre.


Frustar is a unique product having multiple action for controlling fungal and bacterial pathogen with antisporulent German Technology.

Organic fungicide is manufacturers and suppliers of effective against antracnose, all type of blight, rhizoctonia, canker, black arm, leaf blight, fruit spot, xanthamonous, black spot, black spot, anterneria, bacterial wilt, bacterial blight, on various vegetable, fruits, floriculture and all other plantation crops.

Doses: Spray 2ml per lit of water