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Biopesticide Beauveria

Biopesticide Beauveria

  • CFU – 2 X 108 per ml, 1 X 109 per gm
  • HS Code – 30029030
  • Documents – MSDS / LABEL / FCO / COA / Trial report

Mode of action

It is exceedingly viable common happening entomopathogenic fungi organism that parasites a few creepy crawlies of harvests, Beauveria bassiana contaminates all phases of bug, including eggs, hatchlings, pupae, grubs, sprites, containers and grown-up. Micronutrients for plants growth functions supplement supplier in Mumbai India to entire world. Our teams are manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of biopesticide beauveria in Mumbai India to all over the world. The spores joined to bug fingernail skin, grow and infiltrate into the creepy crawly body. The hyphae through catalysts activity, multiply bug body and cause mortality through a mix of synthetic, mechanical, water misfortune and supplement misfortune impacts. The creepy crawly body eventually gets secured with white mycelium and spores. Certain poisons are created by this parasite and cause the mortality of creepy crawly.

Target Insects

Extremely active on Lepidopterous Caterpillars including Helicoverpa, Spodoptera, Borers, and Hairy caterpillars. Biopesticide beauveria infestation of vegetables and {fruits and vegetables, fruits and sucking pest like White fly and Aphids; DBM, Scale insects, Locust, Colorado beetles of Eliminato.

Biopesticide beauveria application and dosage

  • Soil application :- Intended for soil insect pest like White Grubs, Termite, Agrotis species etc... Mix sequel payments on your zero kg Daman with {55|40|60} kg of well deconstructed Fym soil and transmission in the field of 1 acre at the time of field planning or in standing plants.
  • Foliar spray :- Mix 2.0 kg Daman in 150 – 200 lit. Of water for spraying in the standing crop at the time of appearance of insect pest.
  • Foliar spray :- Mix 1.0 lit. Per acre Daman-L in 150 – 200 lit. of water for spraying in the standing crop at the time of appearance of insect pest.


  • Don’t mix with any chemical biopesticide beauveria.
  • Avoid usage during high temperature.
  • Always use in evening time.
  • Safe to natural parasites & predators.
  • Exempted from residue tolerance limit.