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Textile Finishing

1) Cationic softeners :

Product Name
Properties / Uses
Patron CS flakes
This is economical cationic softener for imparting extremely fluffy feel, along with good durability.
Patron CW flakes
Cold water soluble cationic softener in flakes form.
Patron CT
Hydrophilic cationic softener for terry towels knits ti improve absorbency and impart a soft handle.
Patron DM
Very good modified cationic softener imparting smoth fluffy and high surface softness, mainly for knits.

2) Nonionic softener :

Product Name
Properties / Uses
Patron NI flakes
An economical non-ionic softener flakes with excellent softener and fluffy feel.
Patron FN
Excellent non-ionic softener in paste form and imparts soft finish of garments and denim.

3) Amphoteric softene :

Product Name
Properties / Uses
Patron- SF
SA newly modified amphoteric softener which produces excellent surface smoothness and lasting soft feel coupled with inner softness.

4) Silicon softener :

Product Name
Properties / Uses
Patron – SI
A concentrate micro amino silicon softener in liquid form to impart greater inner softness to all type of fabrics.
Patron HS
A micro amino silicon with special additives that produce high surface smoothness and a wet feel.
Patron 111
Economical micro amino silicon softener to impart greater softness to all type of fabric.
Patron PVX
High performance micro amino silicon softener imparting inner as well as surface softness speciality for suiting.

5) Antistatic agent :

Product Name
Properties / Uses
Patron 30
A soil release finish with antistatic property to dissipate static changes and prevent shocks on the finishing trolley.

6) Antipilling cum antislip agent :

Product Name
Properties / Uses
Patron AP 40
Excellent anti pilling agent to reduce pill formation and to avoid slippage.

7) Anticrease resins :

Product Name
Properties / Uses
Patron ZP
A zero formaldehyde cross linking agent for wash and wear finish for anticrease property without built in catalyst.